Cardinal Ioannes Bessarion
1403? - 1472
Created Cardinal winter of 1439/40

Bessarion, envisioned by Carpaccio
as St. Augustine
(for the full painting)


Bessarion, detail
from ms., right

Cardinal Bessarion. Ms. 1471 Paris

Detail: Bessarion
Joos of Ghent

Bessarion's Nazi -
Ludwig Mohler as Bessarion Scholar
Bessarion Calls for a Crusade

Mohler, Volume I
Mohler, Volume II
Mohler, Volume II

Bessarion as Magus

Bessarion's Roman Villa and Tomb

Three possible portraits of Bessarion
by Piero della Francesca who had known him.
The outer two are from the Legend of the True Cross,
ca. 1466 at Arezzo; the center is from the Flagellation,
ca. 1460. at Urbino.


Bessarion with his relic of the True Cross
Gentile Bellini, 1472 - 1473. Accademia, Venice




Bessarion's Relic of the True Cross
Accademia, Venice

Bessarion and his relic of the True Cross.
Gianetto Cordegliaghi, 1540.


A book about Bessarion's astrolabe
and Piero della Francesca

An introduction to David King,
Astrolabes and Angels, Epigrams and Enigmas –
From Regiomontanus' Acrostic for Cardinal Bessarion
to Piero della Francesca's "Flagellation of Christ"

Woodcut of Bessarion: identification needed.

Bessarion's shield as Cardinal.

Silk banner Bessarion brought to Italy, portraying
Manuel, drungarios, half-brother of Manuel II Palaiologos, ca. 1411.
Museo di Palazzo Ducale, Urbino