+ Ἰωάννης ἐν Χριστῷ τῷ Θεῷ πιστὸς βασιλεὺς καὶ αὐτωκράτωρ ῥωμαίων ὁ Παλαιολόγος +

Seal of John VIII
Document of Union
6 July 1439


Bronze medal, 1439: Pisanello

Some of these images have been suggested
by various art historians as "portraits"
of John VIII , or were painted later,
based on artists' drawings and reports.

Manuel II
Thomas Palaiologos
Palaiologan Portraits

Another, extensive, collection of images.

The Winter Voyage: Going Over

The Winter Voyage: Coming Home

1439 Document of Union


Marriage "portrait" of John VIII and Anna of Russia
"Great" Sakkos of Photios, 1416 - 1418
Kremlin Museum, Moscow
ca. 13 x 13 cm.

Visiting with the Palaiologues
Dear John
Maria of Trebizond
The Emperor in Pain
Sophia of Montferrat

Detail from The Flagellation, ca. 1460. Urbino
Piere della Francesca


Detail from Legend of the True Cross, 1466: Arezzo
Piero della Francesca

Detail: The Journey of the Magi.
Benozzo Gozzoli.1459-1461.
Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Florence, Italy.

Solomon .
Detail from Legend of the True Cross. 1466. Arezzo.
Piero della Francesca.
(possibly John)


From Miracles of St. Peter Martyr.1450s, Berlin
Antonio Vivarini
(possibly John)

Sleeping Constantine.
Detail from Legend of the True Cross. 1466. Arezzo.
Piero della Francesca.
(possibly John)

Detail from Miracles of S. Bernadino, 1480. Perugia.
attributed to Fiorenzo di Lorenzo.


Detail from Adoration of the Magi
Antonio Vivarini , 1445 - 1447


John V, Manuel II, John VIII
Paris gr. 1783

Bust, 1439: Vatican Museums
Antonio Filarete

John as an Ottoman Sultan (used to portray Mehmed II and Suleiman the Magnificent)
Engraving, ca. 1475. Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin
Anonymous Florentine

Paris Suppl. gr. 1188, f. 4v.

John's image used to represent Mehmed II
Nuremburg Chronicle
Liber Chronicarum,
1493, folio 256v