Pisanello's Drawings of John VIII Palaiologos
Florence 1439


Ink drawing;detail, verso of drawing below.
ée du Louvre, Départment des Arts Graphiques. MI 1062

Ink Drawing, recto of above. 19.9 x 29 cm.
ée du Louvre, Départment des Arts Graphiques. MI 1062

Ink drawing, recto of quiver, above right. 18.9 x 26.5 cm.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Written above central figure chaloíre (caloyero, priest).





Verso of Louvre drawing,
below, left.

Vespasiano da Bisticci noted that at the signing of the document of Union, the Emperor was wearing "a Greek-style hat with a very beautiful gem on the peak."
R. Mack, Bazaar to Piazza, p. 154


INSCRIBED: On recto, in pen and brown ink, in Italian, color notes for the ornamental designs, "b" or "bi" for bianco (white), "oro" or "or" (gold), "azuro" or "azur" for azzuro (blue), and "rosso" (red); toward the center of the sheet . . . Le chapelo de limperadore sie biancho dessoura [de sopra]/ e rouersso [rovescio] rosso el profilo da torno nero la zupa [giubba] verde / de dalmascin e lagona de soura [sopra] de chermezin . . . de la /facia palida la barpa [barba] negra chapelj e cilglj [ciglie] el simile /hochi grizy [grigi] e tra jn verde e chine le spale picholo di /p[er]sona. (The hat of the emperor should be white on the outside, on the reverse red, the border around it black, the doublet of green damask and the gown on top of crimson, of pale face, the beard black, hair and eyebrows likewise, eyes gray tending to green and sloping shoulders, small in person.) . . . [to the left in larger writing] e rouesso del vestj rosso / el chapelo turchin fodrado de panete da varo / listivalj de chuoro zallo smorto / la guaina del larcho bizaca e grenellosa / eco si quella de turcasso e de la simitarra (The reverse of the gown red / the deep blue hat lined with multicolored [?] cloth / the boots of dull yellow leather / the sheath of the bow brown and crained / as is the quiver and the scimitar.)

MMA , Byzantium: Faith and Power, 1261-1557, pp . 527-8.





Black chalk on beige paper 25.8 x 19 cm.
ée du Louvre, Départment des Arts Graphiques. (2478)


Ink drawing; verso of drawing, left.
The Art Institute of Chicago